Saturday, August 28, 2010

BIU Arduino 2010 Workshop: Arduino Links

Our Arduino 2010 Workshop

Starting in August 31/8/2010 we will have  a 10 day intensive Arduino Workshop at the BIU music and Technology Program.

For this workshop, we are putting a list of useful Arduino links here. Students in the Program and other people on earth may also contribute to this list by adding comments (or editing the Blog).

So let's start:


General Links:

Intro to Electronics by CCRMA:

Using Multimeter :

Arduino Workshop of Betzalel (Hebrew):

Measuring with Multimeter:

A List of Electronic Symbols:

Examples Using Arduino for Musical Instruments or Interfaces:

General Arduino Projects:

A sweet matchstick- so cute:

Biking jacket with Arduino:

3D interface with force sensors:

Moving furniture (sweet!):

Musical instruments and interfaces:

A pencil that draws sounds:

A laser harp:

Great way to augment the voice using VAMP from MIT Media Lab:

Simple instrument that uses a strip resistor:

Arduino theremin that sounds bad but is cute:

Using pumps to play music (super sweet!):

Play on glass:

A max project:

KBOW a hightech bow:

Using Wii and Max together, from minute 4 it's more the max part. The video is long but has useful tricks:

Using Ipad:

An ethnic drum machine:

Water piano: sounds bad but nice control:

The same idea with Arduino:

Simple use of a light sensor:

Guitar with a keyboard:

Rock measurement – it's really nice:


Drum machine:

Guitar pedal:

Amazing talking piano:

An ant-farm musical instrument:

Augmented Reality, 3D Interfaces:

Sweet robot "eye":

Augmented reality ad of a car:

3D interface:

Wii project:

Google Earth interface:


Simple infra red robot (jump to 1 min):!/


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