Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Conference and Concert Photos

Here's a few photographs from the conference in honor of the BIU music department's new recording studio. The conference was a major 3-day event, here are a few preliminary highlights, we'll post more photos, videos, and info soon.

Panel on Contemporary Music and the Recording Studio: Left to Right: Prof. Eitan Avitsur (BIU), Dr. Shay Cohen (BIU), Prof. Gideon Lewensohn (BIU), Prof. Menachem Zur (Jerusalem Academy), Prof. Oded Zehavi (Haifa U), Mr. Yossi Mar-Haim

Panel on Israeli Rock Music and Strings: Shlomo Ydov, Assaf Talmudi, Tal Weiss, Galia Hai, Assaf Rot, Roy Yarkoni, Nori Jacoby at the podium

A photo from the student concert in honor of Yardena Alutin: John Zorn's Cobra performed on all home-made electronic instruments.